Sol Choi

Graduate Student


Sol is a third year grad student in the Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics Ph.D. program. She grew up in South Korea and studied Environmental Science in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. While taking Microbial Ecology in her sophomore year, she was fascinated by the astounding diversity and complexity that tiny microbes possess and their ability to interact with the environment. To realize her childhood dream to explore the world, she moved to the US and gained research experience under the guidance of Dr. Tom Hanson and Dr. Jen Biddle at the University of Delaware while finishing her BS degree. In the Bond lab, she is eager to figure out how electrons cross the periplasm of Geobacter sulfurreducens. Her ultimate goal is to build a synthetic Geobacter electron transport pathway in heterologous organisms. She likes lab work so much that she does random searching of Geobacter on Spotify or wakes up from a dream where she forgot to add DAP in media, but apart from research she enjoys cooking, watching BTS youtube videos, and dabbling in many activities like knitting and playing keyboard.

Sol looking at Fe(III) reduction by Geobacter