Daniel Bond

Professor of Microbiology

ORCID 0000-0001-8083-7107 // Scopus // Google Scholar

Department of Plant and Microbial Biology

LAB   256 and 258 Gortner Laboratory
MAIL 140 Gortner Laboratory
1479 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108-1041

EMAIL  dbond, and then at and then, umn.edu
OFFICE  612-624-8619

All are welcome here. For graduate research, I do not admit students directly to my lab. Students are first accepted to the Plant and Microbial Biology Graduate Program,  Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology Graduate Program (MICaB), or Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics Graduate Program (BMBB), where I am a member of the graduate faculty and participate in recruitment and rotations. We all mix together but each program has its own focus. Which one should you apply to? One way to get a window into what current students are doing is to look at the student seminar series (such as BMBB, MICaB, PMB) and ask what types of organisms, environments, and level of reductionism you are drawn to. "Be true, be true / to your own strange kind".  

We try to advertise on GopherResearch when we have openings for undergraduate research projects. 


Daniel R. Bond, Geobacter
Talking about electrons in the age of COVID distancing




Daniel R. Bond, Kick-Ass Electron Hunter, Geobacter, Nanowires, Microbial Fuel Cells, Extracellular Electron Transfer